Reliable | Web based | School Management System is the best and only solution for a school’s Administrative running which deals with all possible issues and needs of a school's admin. We offer a complete solution for your school’s database management and provide you an easy and excellent system to manage your school data.It allows you to create, view or delete student's or employees complete data in a manner that is required for a good administration.

We have developed a high quality cloud based School Management System Software to make your administration of school easy, quick and effective.

Say Goodbye to manual work in school administration, Fee calculation, class and grade management and employees management. comes with essential accounting reports, fee collection reports, SMS and email alerts and notification and a lot more features at your fingertips.

Our Pricing model suites the need to small, medium and large schools. Now even the small school don't have to invest in IT infrastructures and team to successfully run and manage on-premises school management system software.