Product and features

User friendly interface

Mobile Friendly

Cloud based solution

We have designed this school management system while keeping all kinds of users in mind and
developed it as more as it can become easy to use for anyone who have enough knowledge for
operating computer and internet, so that anyone will be able to use this software easily.

It facilitates you to manage any kind of your school data either it is fee management, payroll
management, students data, examination system and so on.

This software have been developed by our professionals while remembering mobile internet users and made responsive layout design to use this school management system for all internet users either mobile or desktop. We actually deal with all possible obstructions and difficulties in a school management system at Pakistan.Hence it has been developed in order to enable you to access and manage your data from anywhere without any kind of restrictions based on location. it is really compatible with all browsers and smartphones that saves you from complexes.

You can use this software from anywhere just need to login with a mobile device or desktop to access your data management account.there is no restriction based on location, it can be used anywhere so that it is more flexible and reliable system for a school's management.You can login and start working with your school management system from everywhere with are not bonded to manage your data only in school times when you are more busy but you can use it any time when you are able to work.

Highly Available and Reliable

High Quality and Fast Support

Flexible and Customizable

It is a most common and important appeal of every institute that the ways and systems they are using for their data management should be highly reliable and highly available. Thanks to the modern cloud architecture, we are empowered to develop application architecture which work concurrently and make the services available to consumers with negligible downtime. is an automatic data management software available every time and everywhere. your work done takes a very short time and zero energy. either you are managing students data, employees data, classes and sections or issue of salary paying we offer a highly available and reliable one solution of all issues.

Our customers can report and contact us anytime in our support portal or email us ar and our support staff will help them out in issues they are facing.
Our experienced professionals are every time there for you to deal with your school management software problems. you can contact us anytime from anywhere for the solution of your software issue then our programmers will deal with your issue as soon as possible. This fast support keeps you away from complexes and difficulties while using and you are eligible for managing your data very fast and easily according to your requirement.

You can access your students complete data which is saved in database and can make any changes to any student’s information as per requirement. you can view, edit and create students very easily any time. In addition we provide two types of student lists. one in which you will see all required information that is mostly you need to view and the other is detailed view of every student in which all detailed information is given for every student. you can view students fee information by viewing ledger and can delete or edit any student as an admin. we provide you full access to every required operation in just clicks.

Easy access to Employees Data

Examination Result System

Exam Management

User can access all teachers data saved from the beginning in database and have an employee section in our software where you can see the detailed list of your employees and can edit or delete as per requirement. you can generate their salaries very easily no need to give a long time to salary generation or other employee based operations now, they are just one click away in our system and results very reliable and lets you free from the anxiety of losing data or forgetting anything because this system keeps you updated and safe all data forever until you delete or edit.

Now no need to worry about the obstacles in an examination system because we are offering a really reliable and error free examination result generation system understanding and dealing with all possible problems at Pakistan. You can generate exam results very easily saving your precious time
and money. you can view and generate results as separate students mark sheets or as class sheets.

You will have a complete section for examination management which enables you to manage your examination system very easily and reliably. You can generate examinations yourself defining the start date and end date of an examination. either it is 1st term, 2nd term or final exams, all exams will take less than half of usual time to be managed by data management software. you can set timetables very easily and can edit exams generated by you very easily. even you can generate exam results very efficiently and view or print as a class result sheet or student result sheet.

Fee management & Notifications

Class management

Document management

Fee management is most common and important issue of every school and educational institute which needs an accurate management and reliable fee collection system. deals with it very efficiently and provides a reliable fee collection system. we provide a fees section in our software in which you can view your fee list any time and can collect fee from students, it creates printable vouchers automatically for fee collection. if any student’s fee is late and you need to notify him for fee submission in that case our system offers you to send notification to him/her automatically.

You can manage your classes and sections very easily and can save all students data class wise. offers to manage your classes data and section with ease and reliability. exam results management have become automatic with as it provides you class sheets. we understand that every school have its own class management and can have sections in different ways that’s why in our software you will have a section named “sections” in which you can manage your school’s classes and their sections.

You can add the important documents of students,parents, teachers and other staff like CNIC no, birth certificate etc now very easily and no need to take headache of setting these documents manually in which the main issue is to save them, surely you never want to lose any kind of data. in our system everything is save in a database and provides you every time access to all your school’s data.

Finance and accounting system

Payroll system

SMS & Email Alerts

Finance management is an important issue of any institute and it requires a perfect accounting system, like in most schools at Pakistan finance management is usually done manually and school needs a separate employee for their finance management but in our system finance management is done automatically just in clicks. not highly required to hire an employee for accounting systems but its up to you. fee collection is managed by our system and sends notifications to those who are late with their fee. our salary generation automatic system generates salaries efficiently and quickly. you can pay salaries with via bank transfer, cheque, cash or any other way. facilitates you to manage your payroll system perfectly with generate salary and pay salary operations. you can pay your employees on time and “pay salary” operation provides you all possible ways to pay their salaries and keeps away from confusions and complexes about payroll system of your school. it generates and provides auto payments of salaries to your employees in an efficient manner.

Our system facilitates you by accomplishing all main and important jobs of your school as it is designed for managing all types of school data. you can send email alerts to your student’s guardians and can receive their emails or it can be done via sms. it remain you in touch with your students parents or guardians and keeps you updated about activities of students. you can remain in touch with your staff via email alerts and can send them any notification or alert anywhere.

User Management

Student Admission

Attendance Management

We offer a best solution to facilitate user and developed this data management software for bringing efficiency to data management of high level and low level schools. user have separate sections of each operation like exam management, fee management, student and employee data management etc which brings sophistication and ease to their work also saves more than half of your time which gets wasted in managing data manually.

You can create new students easily for new admissions of your school with all information of the new students including their admission class. your data management software account will keep it save in database until you make any changes. Student admissions is now became easy and time saving by our data management system than manual data handling.

No need to remain heavy registers and class diaries for long term data saving while having data management software. you can manage students attendance records by our auto attendance management system in throughout the academic year or longer. in the end it tells you the total percentage of each student's attendance at school through the whole year. you can save daily attendance by just clicking present or absent options given after each student in the list with the date of attendance.

Class promotion

Academic year management

This feature allows you to promote an academic year to the next for all classes for example you can promote all passed students of class one to class two after class one is ended, also can add new admission students to the promoted classes.With the help of features you can easily promote a whole session to the next academic session.

Throughout an academic year offers a better management of every type of your school data and keeps it safe in database until you make any changes. An academic year is a whole session and webschool’s advanced features allows you to manage all important matters throughout a session efficiently and handle in a secure way. when an academic year is accomplished you can promote the session to new session in just seconds with “promoter to new session” feature.